Sales & Marketing - Two sides of the same coin

Sep 28, 2021

Brillaint chat with Michael Friedberg all about sales and marketing and how they need to collaborate for a businesses' success. Michael is a B2B Marketing Strategist and vCMO. Prior to this Michael was Chief of Growth at Mega and CMO at IBM New Zealand. 

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The basics of B2B selling with Wayne Moloney

Sep 01, 2021

An illuminating conversation with Wayne Moloney, Author and B2B sales consultant based in Australia. Alex McNaughten and Wayne discuss the basics of B2B selling and how things have changes in 2021 in a post covid world. 

Wayne has recently released his new book - It’s part novel, part ‘how-to’, and it’s everything you need to know about selling to big business.
The Wentworth Prospect takes a deep dive into the high-stakes world of strategic business-to-business selling.

The story follows the fortunes of Sue Novak, a fledgling sales consultant, as she struggles to land the deal of her career. Her path to success is strewn with adversaries, corporate intrigue, power-plays and hidden agendas.

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Sales and Sales Leadership with Denis Champagne

Aug 24, 2021

‘Salespeople are like the athletes of a company, they need to be continually trained’ Alex McNaughten had a great chat with Denis Champagne from Canada. They discussed sales team development and sales leadership. 

Denis is a Montreal based sales expert and B2B prospecting coach who has been coaching and mentoring salespeople for over 17+ years!

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Strategic Selling With John Smibert

Aug 16, 2021

A brilliant chat with John Smibert - Reuters 2019 "Top 50 sales experts and influencers" globally, and in the top 50 B2B Sales Experts on LinkedIn in 2019 all about Strategic Selling! Check out his new book 'The Wentworth Prospect'!

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Outbound Sales with the Outbound Sales Guy!

Aug 03, 2021

Alex McNaughten had a brilliant chat with Martin Mcarther recently about doing B2B outbound sales!

They touched on what people do wrong, where they can improve, what channels they can use and how to craft the right messaging!

Martin is an amazing dude, At the age of seven he was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa causing him to become completely blind. He is fluent in braille and able to use technology thanks to companies like Apple who recognize users with disabilities and include a screen reader called Voice Over in their operating software.

He has over 10 years experience filling top of funnel activities in sales development, managed service space, digital marketing, and technology and is passionate about driving top of funnel sales by helping companies fill their pipeline with qualified leads.


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Alex McNaughten and Ben Rose Chat Sales in NZ

Jul 18, 2021
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Sales Leaders
Alex McNaughten and Ben Rose Chat Sales in NZ

Great chat with Ben Rose and Alex McNaughten all about the approach to sales in NZ. 

Ben is an experienced sales and marketing executive, with a proven track record of revenue creation across multiple industry sectors including Media, Travel, Banking, Insurance and Energy.

He is proud to have driven outcomes for organisations such as Nissan, Unilever,  Tourism New Zealand, ASB, nib and Stuff and currently leads the team accountable for all brand, marketing and sales activity at Code HQ!

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Digital Transformation with Vaughan Schwass

Jul 06, 2021

An awesome chat with Vaughan Schwass, ex CEO of Les Mills. He is an award-winning entrepreneurial leader with a passion for design led innovation with extensive experience in domestic and international markets. A career that has spanned television and event production, media, tourism and hospitality, fitness and wine. With a reputation for being an inspirational leader, getting things done and producing outstanding commercial outcomes Vaughan has a wealth of knowledge and for the last year has been working with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to help kiwi exporting businesses make the most of digital to maximise their impact globally.

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Social Selling with Lindsey Boggs

Jun 16, 2021

A conversation about how to leverage social media better for sales with Lindsey Boggs, Sales Leader at LucidWorks.

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Sales & Sales Leadership with JD

Jun 02, 2021

'Most sales leaders have a number they can't jump over!' - Had a fantastic chat with John (JD) Dean recently all about B2B sales and some of the challenges sales leaders face.

JD, based in Sydney, has been mentoring, supporting and coaching sales leaders and business owners for many years on B2B sales and sales leadership and is an absolute expert in this space!

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Donald Kelly - Sales Mindset

May 17, 2021

Donald Kelly is the Founder and The Chief Sales Evangelist at The Sales Evangelist. Alex McNaughten and Donald chat about Sales Mindset and prospecting in 2021.

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