No One Cares About your Product or Service

Jan 28, 2020

Sales is about the customer not about you!

A lot of startups (and bigger companies too) get caught up in telling the world how great their product is, listing new feature after feature but then wondering why customers aren’t flocking to buy. The reality is no one really cares!

iPhone’s aren’t bought because they have the fastest processor or the highest resolution camera – there are plenty of other phones with comparable or better technical specifications. iPhone’s are bought because of the way they make you feel, the prestige they give and how they make life a little bit easier!

Instead of defining each feature your product has on your website and in your sales presentation, start articulating the actual results that your product can provide your customers. Here is an easy process to go through that immediately helps you to think more customer centrically:

  • Think about and find a pain point your potential customers have or an area that you can add...
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How to Win New Business Consistently

Nov 11, 2019

The skills required to make a great sales pitch and consistently win business has changed over the years. Through technology and such easy access to information your buyers today are typically already educated about your product or service before you are standing in front of them. Because of this they are often already much further along the buying journey than you think. As a result of this your approach needs to change to ensure you capture their attention and ultimately secure the deal. Here are a few good tips to ensure that you make the most of your presentation time.

1.    Do your research, understand your prospect and personalise your pitch

In order to empathise and connect with your prospect you need to do your homework before any pitch. This Is usually a mixture of online research and discovery conversations with them. Always put your prospect before your product.

·     Firstly understand exactly who you are...

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Sales Messaging – Why it Matters, What to Avoid & How to get it Right

Oct 30, 2019

As a founder or sales professional, it isn’t easy to create strong and succinct sales messaging that describes what it is you do or sell. Having a really powerful story is imperative whether you are raising money, selling to customers or even trying to attract the best talent - people won’t give your company the time of day if you don’t have a simple, compelling story that you can articulate.

It is also crucial that your messaging is aligned across every touchpoint someone might have with your company. This is important because throughout each and every interaction they have, they will be forming their opinion on you! In this article you will find the two biggest mistakes to avoid when thinking about your sales messaging and the five key things to consider to ensure your company story is impactful and helps you to win more business!

Firstly here are two of the biggest mistakes to avoid with your sales messaging:

1.    As a founder who is...

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