Sales Mindset - How To Increase Your Chance Of Success When Selling

sales Feb 18, 2020

An often overlooked part of selling, whether it is pitching to potential investors or trying to close a key deal is your mindset. You can have the best strategy, sales skills and tools in the world but still not be winning if your state of mind is negative. Here are 3 crucial tips to get yourself in a positive frame of mind to increase the chances of winning!

  1. Let go of your emotional attachment – Stop going in to meetings or sales calls with preconceived desires and expectations. Let go of any feelings like ‘I need to win this deal’ or ‘That last call went terribly’. You may not realise it, but negative feelings such as desperation can be felt by prospects and can drive away potential business without you even realising. Let go of past mistakes and future concerns and instead focus your energy and attention on what you can control in the present. In this way you will stay more focused, productive and grounded. This will ultimately help you win more!
  2. Understand your ‘why’ and have your clients best interests at heart – Truly appreciate and understand why you are in business and how that higher purpose helps your clients. Instead of going in to a meeting with the goal to ‘sell to’ a potential client to earn money, go in with the ambition to alleviate their problems or add value to their operation. If you genuinely believe you are helping them it becomes far easier for you to persuade them to buy from you. Customers can tell the difference between being ‘sold to’ in a transactional way versus when someone is genuinely trying to add value to them!
  3. Use the right words - A very under-appreciated aspect your mindset are the actual words you use. Using the wrong words in a sentence whether written or verbally can trigger negative emotions such as distrust or create the wrong kind of perception of your product/service. The psychology of persuasion is often overlooked, but get it right and you can create a more positive tone, increase rapport and ultimately increase your chances of winning new business! In the future be conscious of the words you are using and avoid using negative language. A few common examples:
  • Instead of saying ‘not bad’ use ‘good’ or ‘great’
  • Instead of saying ‘cost’ use ‘valued at’, ‘total amount’ or ‘investment’
  • Instead of saying ‘cheap’ use ‘economical’, ‘affordable’ or ‘competitively priced’

Maximise your chance of success by getting your mind-frame in to a positive state. Combine this with the right strategy, skills and tools to accelerate your business growth!


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