No One Cares About your Product or Service

sales Jan 28, 2020

Sales is about the customer not about you!

A lot of startups (and bigger companies too) get caught up in telling the world how great their product is, listing new feature after feature but then wondering why customers aren’t flocking to buy. The reality is no one really cares!

iPhone’s aren’t bought because they have the fastest processor or the highest resolution camera – there are plenty of other phones with comparable or better technical specifications. iPhone’s are bought because of the way they make you feel, the prestige they give and how they make life a little bit easier!

Instead of defining each feature your product has on your website and in your sales presentation, start articulating the actual results that your product can provide your customers. Here is an easy process to go through that immediately helps you to think more customer centrically:

  • Think about and find a pain point your potential customers have or an area that you can add value to them. (the best way to find this out in the first instance is to ask and get to know your customers and potential customers as closely as you can)
  • Focus your messaging on how you can give them a result that makes their life better and what that would feel like.
  • Tell customer stories. Share real stories from your existing customers focusing on the results they got from using your product or service.
  • Be honest with your messaging and don’t try too hard to hide your flaws. Overinflated claims are a fast way of losing your potential customer's trust!

When selling, it isn’t about you! The faster you can start focusing on your customer and putting their needs and wants first, the better your sales results will be.


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