About Alex McNaughten

I am passionate about increasing the level of professionalism & performance in B2B selling globally!

THE PROBLEM: There are many innovative companies who never reach their true potential or global impact because they don't understand how to build their Sales & Revenue Function for scale and they don't know how to lead their customer facing teams to get the most out of them! Many people: founders, execs and reps alike, also lack confidence in their own personal ability to sell!

These potential breakdowns in your revenue function and in personal selling confidence can lead to your company either failing early, not delivering great customer experiences and never achieving the impact it could have!

HOW I HELP: I set up Sales Leaders (Originally Strategic Sales Consulting) in 2018 to address these breakdowns and in doing so help ambitious companies and sales leaders (primarily in the technology/digital space) solve more problems globally, through effective sales, leadership and revenue operations 📈

I have trained hundreds of founders, executives and sales professionals and worked across over 120+ Kiwi and Australian businesses, helping them to reduce their sales costs, speed sales cycles, maximize win rates, build out teams, expand into new markets and ultimately generate $10s of millions in new revenues

More Recently I co-founded Apprento, New Zealand’s first Sales Acceleration Platform. Growing your sales by growing your salespeople:

We are NZ's #1 at switching on sales potential with a mission to lift B2B sales capability through attracting, placing and training high potential people into sales and customer facing roles, coaching existing sales teams to drive greater results and building a community of future sales leaders through online & cohort based learning programmes:

🎯 We reduce 'time to hire'
🎯 We reduce ramp up time
🎯 We improve outputs for sales teams
🎯 We reduce employee churn

We start sales careers and develop existing sales teams through our sales acceleration platform!

I look forward to connecting with you soon and if we aren't already connected on reach out, reach out and say hi!😃

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Advisory Board

Anthony McNaughten

Through his company Strategic Capital Services Limited Anthony provides proactive, professional consulting, governance and capital raising services to hedge fund, private equity and venture capital managers as well as New Zealand based start-up and growth businesses. Since 2001 he has successfully raised over $NZ1.25bn for his clients from his diverse global network of investors including high net worth investors, family offices and a broad range of institutional investors. He offers 31 years of international finance experience across private and investment banking, asset management and startups. Anthony is an investor in and chairs an Insurtech business, InsuredHQ is a member of the Institute of Directors and for the past 8 years has been a member of the Private Wealth Network. 


Ben Anderson

Watching the All Blacks taught Ben all about how to leave a legacy. If you play a bigger game, you play a better game. Higher purpose delivers higher performance. The All Blacks seek to ‘leave the jersey in a better place’. What drives your team? Ben's vision is to hack the leadership DNA of the top executive teams in the world of technology and to apply his experience and skills to raise his client’s performance bar.

Ben sees himself as a strategic leadership advisor to CEOs and their Boards in Silicon Valley. Ben's work includes designing winning strategies to recruit world-class leadership and the coaching of leaders to perform at the top of their game.


Las Akurugoda

Las has a proven track record of outstanding results in the Tech & Marketing Sectors as a successful business leader. Las is highly proficient in all areas of Business to Business Sales and Marketing with over 12 years’ experience in this arena.

Las has been successful in optimising business and team performance at the highest level. He is self-motivated, always delivers on business commitments and brings passion and energy to every engagement.


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